Wedding Celebrant and master of ceremonies in venice

About Me

I’m the supporting actor in your love story.
I started this job almost by chance, to help two couples of German friends to organize two surprise weddings in Venice in 2004.
Today, 19 years later, more than 800 marriages later, that ” almost “by chance”; turned out to be a vocation: to join people for the only reason why it is worth getting together.

I am talking about love, nothing more, nothing less: a civil marriage, a symbolic marriage, a promise of marriage, a declaration of love, a moment in your life in which to celebrate your being together.

How I work

I am multilingual, thanks to a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and years of study and work in Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Great Britain and Spain: I can join you in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. 

I personalize the ceremony with you: I will tell your story, the story of your love, your life trajectories. 

We will agree (by meeting in person and via mail, by phone, via video call) the text, the readings, the music, rituals and every other detail.
I published a lot of short stories and a novel: that’s why I love writing new scripts for every single ceremony.

Wedding Celebrant and master of ceremonies in venice

10 years of previous collaboration with Venice-based Arrigo Cipriani’s Harry’s Bar taught me that form is substance, that substance is form and that what matters, in life as in work, is to serve others.
2 years of Theatre School taught me the importance of the voice and the tone, of the posture and the gestures, of the paraverbal and non-verbal communication.
I collaborate with the best Wedding Planners: an honor for me and a stimulus to learn, to grow, to give even more.